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Civil construction

Experienced in:

  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Roadworks
  • Quays
  • Locks
  • Construction work
  • Utility

Civil construction

HCA Project Support has had over ten years of experience in supplying temporary personnel specialized in infrastructural construction.

We are well renowned for the many projects we have successfully acquired and completed in this line of work. Our activities are not limited to the Netherlands alone. We are active both within the borders of our country as outside these borders or better yet; we see no borders. We are as involved in these projects as our clients need us to be. We are always ready to support the project from the beginning till the very end. Due to our vast expertise we have seen everything and consequently are prepared for anything. We know what it takes to maximize the contribution to your endeavors in terms of personnel.  Whether our clients require housing, supply of materials or transport and planning, HCA offers the best solutions for any kind of these possible requirements. 

Within the infrastructural line of work we can swiftly provide our clients with huge numbers of skilled workers best suited for the job.
Such as:

  • Ironworkers
  • Bank workers 
  • Concrete shuttering workers
  • Concrete Casters
  • Carpenters
  • Operational workers and cleaning

Highly qualified personnel, such as:

  • Engineers (mechanical, structural)
  • Projectmanagers
  • Supervisors

Because of our international endeavors it is only natural that a great number of workers that we can provide are multilingual. This means that we can adapt to the preferable language of our client in order to ensure good communication between our workers and our clients.

So, are there big things in the plans?
We will supply you with all the personnel you need to turn your plans into a huge success!

In short: HCA goes further than merely providing our clients with personnel. Our main goal is to solve your problem.

Do you feel HCA is the company for your job and would you like to know more about what we can do for you? Contact us via +31(0)10-3070808 or click here for our map and pick your country for contact details.